Arduino Laser Show using real galvos


Arduino Laser Show using real galvos

This video shows the laser show I did with an Arduino Nano and commericial 20Kpps galvos.

The whole project is available on:

so you can build the laser projector yourself!

The source code is available on Github:

Music by BitArts (Red Sector Mega Demo, 1989, Public Domain)

It actually looks a bit cooler in real life. I had trouble filming it with my camera, since it always re-applies auto focus when the show is dark for a moment. Human persistence of vision is much better than any camera!



  1. Hi. I'm student of KOREATECH University in Byeongchun, Republic of Korea.

    I was impressed by seeing layser skills

    I would like to create graduation works by obtaining the skills of a certain technology, and of course I am going to use that technology to teach.

    But, I want to get your advice.

    I'll be waiting for your contact.

    Thanks & Best regards!!

  2. at an altitude of Programming. I realized LScan (RGB , stm32f407 MCU -based) projector, three-dimensional graphics but has not yet reached. There is an idea to introduce a few games.


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