Galvo laser machine


Galvo laser machine

Galvo laser sell & service // Turkey
wattsapp: +90 5337133444

Galvo laser machine is a type of laser cutter or engraver. Princible galvo laser work as projector. There is one laser source,
lens block and scan head. Laser source is could be rofin co2, coherent, sinrad etc…, lens block is configured according to working area,
2 axis with theta lens focusing, 3axis is dynamic Z laser beam focussing (beam expender), 4 axis is duble Z laser beam dynamic(Beam Expender)
and finaly scanning head has two galvo motors with mirror. Laser come out from laser souce, lens block extend laser beam, finaly scaning head emitted
laser beam on material. All galvo laser models galvo laser wood aplication galvo laser automation for textile, printing, packing, label, invitation letter, denim, lgp panel, lighting, sign



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