hdd galvo – first attempt


hdd galvo – first attempt

my first attempt of creating a HDD galvo. it uses pwm modulated signal and is only connected to the output of an opamp which gives only few mA (too slow), amplifier is needed. if it will work betterwith amp i’ll try to redisign the controll circuit to give a better precision and will try to work on some primitive x-y laser scanner


  1. @imasdpic estoy muy interesado en posicionar el hdd
    cual es el circuito ?
    I am very interested in positioning the HDD
    which is the circuit?

  2. @TecnoVirtu que circuito electronico usa para hacer girar el hdd?
    es pwm? o A/D ?
    that electronic circuit used to spin the hdd?
    is pwm? or A / D?

  3. hola que tal estoy muy interesado en hacer funcionar la voice coil de un disco duro para posicionarlas alguien sabe como hacerlo que se necesita señal pwm o un conversor AD ??Tienen algun esquema electrico?
    gracias un saludo

  4. @TecnoVirtu, okay if you want it just for very low value project try AVR with pwm modulators, they can synchronize pulses every time you change the mark-space ratio, it is too slow to do something nice, but you will be able to control it in some way. you will definitely get huge distortion due to back emf of coils. current sensing at the coils is a way to go but it is much more complex. i left this project a long time ago because of lack of time, if you do something nice just leave a response.

  5. @rvc530, it was driven only by opamp, +-12V later on i did it with tda2030 as amp for it, i was able to create a box changing in size but result was not so good, it was too slow (box was of 4 dots shown 20fps) there was some distortion around the points because of no current sensing at the coil, hovewer, if you want to do something like that, try to use some h-bridge for motors with current sensing, you would achieve quite good result (for simple pictures and low pps).


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