HOW IT WORKS: Lasers (720p)


HOW IT WORKS: Lasers (720p)

This educational explains the concept of lasers and their scientific applications.



  1. I recently saw a documentary where a teenager went to the year 2015! But I don't see hover boards or flying cars anywhere! What gives? Maybe I got the year wrong.

  2. Whew! It takes determination to view this video. Horrible music and a sluggish pace and a monotone are brutal. Thanks, however, for the video. Lots of good info.

  3. Interesting that nearly all the predictions they made for the laser back then came true. Lasers for welding… Check! Lasers for surgery… Check! Lasers for communications… Check! Lasers for lunar range finding… Check! Yet even they knew the full potential of this incredible device would not be realized until long into the future.

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