SLA Laser 3d printer shield for Arduino Mega


SLA Laser 3d printer shield for Arduino Mega

SLA 3d printer shield for arduino mega 2560 generating 16 bit analog outputs for driving galvo scanners, TTL output for driving laser, 4x servo outputs, popolu driver connector for Z axis, Z axis limit sw inputs, RepRap discount smart controller connector
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  1. Dear Kaleli,
    I think it is a great board and I ordered one and did the payment in the beginning of Januar but unfortunately I haven't received it and you also haven't replied since 3 weeks by now. Please contact me for a solution.


  2. Hi KALE CNC, can I ask what is software that you use for slicing, for control the laser and firmware for 3D printer machine. Any difference (firmware,..) with FDM 3D printer

  3. Hi,
    I wrote you an Email and you sent me Informations bu now I want to order one Shield, but havent got an answer on that Email.

    Hope you get in Contact with me. Vito

  4. what is the minimum positioning angle accuracy on the galvos? does it only drive specific galvos, or a range? Wondering because I plan on implementing this in a large build volume SLA, and so i have to deal with increasing tangents/decreasing accuracy.

  5. Hi there, the shield looks very promising.
    I tried to contact you via ""
    Unfortunately so far no feedback – still hoping 😉
    Thank you


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