How to make a laser projector at home Laser show raspberry pi arduino ILDA


How to make a laser projector at home Laser show raspberry pi arduino ILDA

All the components:

The link for the laser galvo scanner :

The laser module :



  1. Buying shit off ebay and plugging it into each other is not MAKING anything. Cutting holes in a cardboard box is not MAKING anything. In fact YOU did not MAKE anything. No thought put to the alignment resulting is it pointing the same plane as it sits on, BULLSHIT TITLE, shit house wanna be skrillex music and a complete fail on the "assembly". Stock Animations most probably supplied with the controller because you either couldn't be fucked learning any software or you tried but aren't cluey enough to pick it up quickly…. More wasted server space full of shit to waste peoples time.

  2. Hi! I bought a same hardware but i cant use attached software fof ild-files. Can you send me a programm wich comes with this hardware on thу SD-card(in archive)? My was damaged and seller dont want send me it.

  3. Hi. I'm student of KOREATECH University in Byeongchun, Republic of Korea.

    I would like to create graduation works by obtaining the skills of a certain technology, and of course I am going to use that technology to teach.

    But, I want to get your advice.

    I'll be waiting for your contact.

    Thanks & Best regards!!

  4. Yet another fuckwit "how to MAKE" video where some dickhead gives a very good instructional video about how to BUY SOMEONE ELSE'S gear and ASSEMBLE IT!!! You didn't make anything ffs. I know how to buy shit on ebay, I even know how toi find manuals for said shit if I can't work out what plug goes where. They're usually different sizes, it's not hard. fuck's sake!

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