laser cutting vector


laser cutting vector

1. Laser cutting machine price
there are lots of model for laser cutting machine
just you need to determine which model is correct for your request
first machine size is important for laser machine. Because there is standardization of all meterial which you cut it
you have to chose a correct size. otherwise you lose material.

2. laser cutting models,
second you have to chose correct laser source type to cut metal or nonmetallic meterial.
with Co2 laser source you can cut nonmetallic metarial its mean that A CO2 laser is a gas laser,
which means it uses Carbon Dioxide, CO2,
CO2 lasers emit a wavelength of 10.64 microns, which produces an intense infrared light.CO2 lasers are easily absorbed by organic materials,
for example leather, plastics, wood, glass, fabrics and acrylics.
co2 laser has 2 type of laser source one is glass laser source (tube) . And it was drive with DC high voltage and they can cut same material but
they emit leser with low energy according to RF laser source (metal). Glass laser source cost is low and life time is shorter then RF metal laser source

Other is metal laser source and it generate laser with Radio frequence. Metal laser source is expensive and life time is much than glass laser source

finaly you have to decide which meterial you have to cut much and its thichness, material size, and pieces
normaly 3 mm acrylic and wood can be cut 100 watt glass tube with 50 mm / minutes, 1 mm fabrics and leather can be cut with 300 mm/ munites
If you need cut more than 10 mm wood or acrylic (plexi glass) you have to choose minumum 200 watt glass or Rf metal laser source
with 200 watt laser source you can cut 10 mm wood or acrylic with 100 mm/ munites

If you want to cut metal you have to choose fiber laser source with 500 or 5000 watt

3. Cnc laser cutting machine ; it is mean that the machine flat table and different size. You have to choose correct model of laser source first
then you need to choose table size. Normaly there is a one laser source and x and y moving brides like a cnc machine. There is one optic and head its moves
with bridge over the material as cnc spindle.

4. laser cutting vector ; laser can control a software and you need to have laser cutting vector. you can use a lots of cad software to prepare laser cutting vector.
Normaly autocad and corel are using to prepare vector files and extension plt, dxf, ai, eps etc….

5. Laser cut program; there is alot of program to cut material ; we are usin Icaro software. Icaro sowtware is the best choose for cutting.
Because Icaro software programed with proffessional mode according to laser source . otherwise cutting qualty is not good.
you can also set the thichness and its starting and ending power. That is too important to get high qualty



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